Washer Repair and Maintenance

Washer Repair

Common Washer Issues

  • Not Draining
  • Won’t Spin
  • Leaks Water or Oil
  • Won’t Fill With Water
  • Makes Noise
  • Shakes and/or Wanders on Floor
  • Off Balance
  • Streaks on Clothes

Recommended Washing Machine Maintenance

  • Change belt(s) every 5-7 years to help prevent surprise breakdowns.
  • Check hoses for cracks and blistering every six months
  • Replacing fill Hoses every 5 years helps prevent serious house flooding.
  • Run a load with bleach every week, or two, to keep mold growth down.
  • Keep mold growth down on front loaders by cracking the door open. (Airs out machine)
  • Periodically check around, and under the washing machine, for slow leaks.

Cabrio Washer Throws “oL” Error Code

The Whirlpool Cabrio high-efficiency washing machine has a few new design features.  Just like any feature, the floating tub design brings it’s own problems.