Stove Repair and Maintenance Tips

Stove Repair

Common Stove Issues

  • Won’t heat in bake or broil
  • Door locked shut / Can’t get door open
  • Burners won’t heat
  • Burners have irregular flame (gas ranges)
  • Gas burners won’t ignite
  • More than one burner sparks at once
  • Burners spark non-stop, on their own
  • Cracked smooth-top
  • Oven temperature is off significantly

Recommended Stove/Range Maintenance

  • Keep gas burners clean and clear of cooked-on food
  • Replace oven igniters at 5-7 years to help prevent surprise breakdowns
  • Calibrate oven sensor at 5-7 years and/or replace oven sensor
  • Clean soot from oven burners every 5 years, or sooner, if you bake/broil a lot
  • Never clean hot glass tops, or oven windows, with cold solution!
  • Replace burner drip pans, or bowls, every 2-3 years, to get that fresh new look back