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Liberty Appliance is Northern Utah’s premier refrigerator repair company. Liberty Appliance is a local, family owned and operated business.  Refrigerators and freezers are two of the many in-home appliances we repair. We are the leading experts in the field of refrigerator installation and repair. We also provide service and maintenance for refrigerators, such as condenser cleaning, and water line replacement.

A broken refrigerator not only means expenses to get it fixed, it could also potentially cause the food inside to spoil, and cost even more to replace it.  Speed and efficiency are the keys to avoiding this catastrophe.  You’re in luck since you are looking at the best when it comes to fast refrigerator service in Northern Utah. Our teams of professional technicians have all the necessary knowledge, as well as years of experience in dealing with refrigerator issues. Please see the lists below for common issues/concerns you may run into.

Common Fridge Problems

  • Not Cooling Properly
  • Ice build up
  • Won’t Turn on
  • Hot around the doors
  • Drips/Leaks Water
  • Error Code(s)
  • Freezes Food in Fridge
  • Bad smell

Not Cooling Properly

Many things can keep a refrigerator from cooling. Here is a trouble shooting guide you can use before seeking professional help.  If none of these solutions fix your problem, give Liberty Appliance Repair Service a call.

  • Check power to refrigerator by plugging a working lamp into its outlet
  • Make sure the fridge is turned on
  • Clear any food that may be preventing door from closing
  • Clear any food or containers that may be blocking cold airflow into fridge
  • Ensure the door fully closes on its own when released from an almost closed position (2-4 inches)
  • Check and clean condenser coils

Ice Build-up

If your refrigerator has ice build up on the inside, here are a few things you can check to fix the issue. A common cause for ice buildup is a faulty door seal. If a refrigerator has a bad door seal, the outside air will pass into the fridge and cause the ice build up problem you are experiencing. Another cause for this could be the door hinges are loose or not attached properly, leading to outside air entering your fridge/freezer. Check to be sure the door hinges are tight and are attached and aligned properly.

Drips or Leaks water

A blocked defrost drain is one of the most common causes of water leaking from your refrigerator and is a good place to start troubleshooting. The small drain opening is easily blocked by food particles or ice, preventing water that accumulated during the defrost cycle from draining to the pan.

Freezes Food in Fridge

Most fridges have a cooling vent above or on the side of the top shelf. This is where most of the cold air comes from, so keeping food away from here may prevent freezing. Some side-by-side refrigerators (particularly older models) feature a vent that funnels cold air from the freezer into the fridge.

Bad Smell

What is the inside of your fridge primarily made out of? Plastic, right? Well, plastic absorbs odors, so the problem may be the entirety of your fridge.

Solution: Cleaning can only help so much. To absorb the odors, place an open box of baking soda in your fridge (some suggest sprinkling baking soda on a plate to increase the surface area). Baking soda will soak up the unpleasant odors and leave your fridge smelling clean after about three days.

Need a faster solution? Try coffee. Place 1 cup ground coffee in a bowl or on a plate and leave it in the fridge for 24 to 48 hours. The coffee will mask the odors while it absorbs them.

The USDA suggests placing a cotton swab soaked with vanilla inside the refrigerator for around 24 hours to eliminate smells.

Sub-Zero Refrigerator Won’t Turn Off, Condenser Fan Runs Continuously

Many times, when a condenser fan doesn’t shut off, it means your fridge is running non-stop.  However, with some designs, the condenser fan is hard-wired to run all the time.

Liberty Appliance has come up with a solution that fixes the issue with the older Sub-Zero refrigerators running their condenser fan all the time. Our Electrical Engineer has put together a simple redesign kit that only runs the condenser fan when it is needed.


We offer a one-year warranty on all of our parts and labor. With many of our competitors only offering three to six-month warranties, our warranty is hard to beat!

With same day service available, there is no need to wait for your repairs. You can put your mind to ease knowing your problem will be taken care of fast and efficiently.  We also offer a free trip charge and diagnosis if a repair is made. You can also check our website for our current promotions.

Why choose us?

We’re one of the few repair service providers that can confidently fix any refrigerator brand and offer convenience that requires intimate knowledge of the various systems and parts that specific manufacturers prefer. Cultivating that knowledge is an investment that we found extremely necessary in order to provide even better service to you.

Even though we recommend that repairs should be done as soon as possible, we don’t force our clients to conform to an unreasonable schedule. We give you the power to set the circumstances of the appointment; you can set the time and date of when we can do the repairs. The malfunctioning appliance is already a major inconvenience by itself – the last thing we want is to further disrupt your day.

We’re the best people to call when you need the best refrigerator repair service in the Salt Lake City area. Make sure to explore the rest of our website to see the other quality services that we offer. Our goal is to be your one-stop-shop for all of your appliance repair needs.

Call Liberty Appliance Repair Service today (801) 888-3841 because we are FAST, HONEST and DEPENDABLE.

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