Oven Repair and Maintenance

Oven Repair and Maintenance

Here at Liberty Appliance Service we specialize in repairing all makes and models of ovens, as well as all other types of appliances. Appliance repair is what we do! With nearly 20 years troubleshooting experience, you can rest assured you are getting the best professional, and knowledgeable, service you can find.

Common Oven Issues

  • Oven temperature off
  • Can’t clean dirty glass inside door
  • Sparking and/or smoke inside oven
  • No heat on bake and/or broil
  • Error code(s)
  • Oven door stuck shut, won’t open or unlock
  • Gas smell present near oven

Recommended Oven Care And Maintenance

  • Replace igniters every 5-7 years to prevent unwanted breakdowns.
  • Calibrate temperature sensor and/or replace the sensors.
  • Clean soot from gas burners every 5-7 years, or more often if you bake/broil a lot.
  • Inspect door gasket regularly for wear or damage.
  • Visually inspect hinges and handles and insure they are functioning properly.
  • Make sure door closes and seals completely.  (Cooks uneven if not sealed)
  • Do not clean glass with scouring pad or agent.  (Scratches tint coating on glass)
  • Never clean HOT oven glass with a COLD solution.  (Cracks the glass)
  • Don not put objects on door when it is open.  (Bends the hinges)
  • Don’t let oven door fall down on it’s own.  (Bends the hinges)

Cleaning Your Oven Window

Oven windows, on wall ovens, and on stoves and ranges, become very dirty over time. The inner parts of the doors are not sealed off, and while this allows excess heat to escape the oven door, it also allows food and debris to get inside the door, and onto glass.  Cleaning the outside glass that is accessible to you can prove to be challenging enough, but trying to clean the inside layers of glass might make you want to buy a new oven.  No matter how aggravated you may get, buying a new range or oven is not the way to go.  There are much cheaper solutions to this problem.  Here we explain what needs to be done, if you want to get your oven window back to beautiful.

Gas Smell Near Oven

If you smell gas near your stove or oven, turn of the gas supply immediately, and call Liberty Appliance to come out, find the leak, and fix it for you. You should also call us if you smell excessive exhaust fumes when baking, broiling, or cooking. If you see excessive yellow tips on you burner flames, this means your oven is not burning the gas properly,and is creating too much carbon monoxide. If you suspect excessive carbon monoxide, do not run your oven, and have us come out, and test the area for too much CO (carbon monoxide). Always crack a window when you are baking, even in the dead of winter. You should also have carbon monoxide detectors throughout the house, with fresh batteries. Carbon monoxide detectors are a good idea in general. Especially if you have any gas burning devices, such as a furnace, oven, generator, or fireplace.