Dryer Repairs Salt Lake City – PROVO to OGDEN

Dryer Repairs Salt Lake City – PROVO to OGDEN

For dryer repair in  Salt Lake City, Utah as well as the Ogden and the Provo areas, Liberty Appliance Service is the same day premier company to call! We fix all makes and models of dryers.  We also provide dryer duct cleaning on most residential homes.

Liberty Appliance is a local, family owned and operated business. We repair all major appliances, such as washing machines, microwaves, and refrigerators. Gives us a call, and get your appliance back in shape today!

Common Dryer Problems

  • Not Heating
  • Won’t Tumble / Spin
  • Taking Too Long
  • Having to Run Loads Two or Three Times
  • Makes a Squeaking or Thumping Sound
  • Hums & Will Not turn On

Recommended Dryer Maintenance

  • Change belts, rollers, idler pulleys, glides, and bearings every 5-7 years
  • Clean off the lint screen every time you put in a new load
  • Have your dryer duct cleaned once every year, to help prevent house fires
  • Replace your gas ignitor at 5-7 years

Tumbling But Not Heating

Quite often, a clothes dryer will run, but not heat. While most of the time this means you need a repair, sometimes it is as simple as resetting your circuit breaker, or turning on your gas valve to the appliance.

Electric dryers are tricky. They may still run and tumble with a tripped breaker. This is because dryers have TWO breakers that feed power to them. It takes only one breaker to feed the 120V necessary to run the timer and motor, while it takes both breakers to get 240V to the heating element. So if the right breaker trips, your clothes dryer will still start and tumble, but you will not get any heat. In this scenario, it may appear that you have a broken dryer, when in fact it is only a tripped breaker. Reset the breaker, and try again. If the breaker keeps tripping, then you either need your dryer repaired, or you need to replace a faulty circuit breaker in your breaker box

When it comes to dryer repair, Ogden, Utah, as well as Salt Lake City, and Provo, all have Liberty Appliance Service to turn to for those difficult appliance problems.

Taking Too Long – Must Run Loads Twice

Like any problem, there can be many reasons for a dryer taking too long to finish. When this happens, you might find yourself running your loads through two or three times. This wastes energy and takes too long.

The problem could be in the ducts that run through your house. The simplest way to determine if the headache lies within the dryer, or in the ducts, is to disconnect the duct tubing from your dryer, right where it hooks to the appliance itself. Then run a few loads of laundry through your clothes dryer. If your loads still take too long, then you know the problem lies in the appliance, and not the ducting. Likewise, if your dryer now dries the load in only one cycle, like it should, then you know that the problem is in the ducting.

Either way, we can fix your dryer. Liberty Appliance is your source for appliance repair in the Ogden, Salt Lake City, and Provo areas. We also clean ducts on most residential homes. Give us a call today! We are a local family owned business, with 18 years troubleshooting experience. We offer same day service, and a one year warranty on parts and labor.